How much can I get if I sell my structured settlement payment?

Every structured settlement payment flow is unique. Therefore, the only way to know how much your future payments are worth is to talk to one of our experienced agents. They ask you questions about the details of your structured settlement and tell you what future payments you should sell to get the total amount you want.

Why can not I get the full value of the payments I sell?

When Financial Companies buys your future payments, you will receive a lump sum in exchange. However, nothing changes to your payment plan. The payments we have made will be issued on the same day they are issued to you.

The value of a dollar you have today is not the same as the value of the same dollar, if you have to wait to get it. This concept, known as the value of money over time, is one of the reasons why you have to pay interest when you take out a loan and why banks pay you interest when you open a savings account. ,

Should I sell all my structured settlement payments?

Not at all! In fact, most people only have to sell part of their future payments to get the total amount they need. If you want to sell your structured compensation payments, you can:

  • Sell all remaining payments
  • Sell some of your payments
  • Sells part of every payment

If you sell part of your structured settlement payments, you will receive a one-time payment and continue to receive your regular payments until you sell the payments to  Financial Company. Let’s say your structured settlement will pay you $ 2,000 a month over the next 20 years. You agree to sell the last 10 years of payments in the package.

Once the sale of your settlement payments has been approved in the settlement, you will receive the principal and continue to receive your normal payments for the next 10 years. Then Financial Company receives the payments we have made from you. You will continue to receive your full payments until the term of the transaction begins.

If you only sell part of the structured settlement payments, you will receive a fixed amount in cash and you will receive the remainder of your payments uninterrupted.

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For example, if you sell $ 500 of your future payments, which are usually $ 2000, we’ll give you $ 500 and you’ll receive the remaining $ 1,500. This option means that your regular payments will not be canceled. They will only be smaller.

One option may be better for you than the others. That is why your representative tries to give you a number of appointments to choose from, so that you can decide which works best.