See What Your Structured Settlement Payments Can Do

Get money for your structured settlement payments

A structured settlement is a series of periodic payments that have been made as a result of a court settlement with an insurance company. Structured settlement are normally granted in the following cases:

  • Bodily Injury: The plaintiff suffers an injury caused by the act of the suspect.
  • Medical illness: If the treatment is below standard and causes injury.
  • Illegal death – Is attributed to the family of the deceased if he is responsible to another party.

Initially, these payments could have been enough to help you pay your bills and continue. Over the years, however, you discover that these payments do not match the reality of your life. The things you want to spend your money now, things that your structured settlement payments are not big enough to cover.

How you can sell your structured settlement payments can help you now

Instead of waiting months or years between payments, what if you could get your money for a big lump sum at a time? You would have the money you need to do what you want, without taking an expensive loan or postpone projects for years until I have enough money.

It have helped thousands of people get their money before they offer to buy your future payments for a lump sum of money. These are just some of the most popular reasons why we heard why people want to sell their structured settlement payments.

Pay the debts

If you have credit card loans or debts, only the minimum monthly payments can result in interest and additional fees. Why would you give to the bank more than what you borrowed? Selling your structured settlement payments gives you a lump sum that can be used to pay high yield debt. Once you pay these loans, you will spend more money in your monthly budget on things that interest you or shop around.

Pay medical bills

Finding money to cover expensive medical expenses is not easy. Only a few days in the hospital can be very expensive. If you want an optional or optional operation, the cost can be even higher. Procedures not covered by most insurance plans include:

  • Laser for the eyes
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Most dental services

Fertility treatments

Instead of applying for a loan to pay for these expensive medical expenses, you can choose to pay a portion of their structured settlement payments to them immediately.

Pay the university

Did you know that the average student earns more than $ 30,000 in credit? This surprising figure comes from a report from the University Institute of Access and Success, which records the cost of school attendance. According to CNN, this means that the average student must pay $ 300 a month for 10 years until he has paid his loans.

Use a lump sum to pay the university for your child, or go back to school to make future budgets easier to take on more risk.

The house of your dreams

There is nothing like having a place to call, and a lump sum can help make this dream a reality. Whether you use it as a lead in a new location or invest money to repair and improve your current home, this is one of the most common reasons why people want to receive some of their future structured compensation.

Become your own boss

Every year, thousands of men and women leave their jobs to do business and thousands want to have the money to try to be their own boss. With a smart business plan, you can realize your business dreams with a fixed amount for the sale of your future payments.

Sky is the limit

Do not you see what is your lump sum for the previous list? No problem! Since our launch in 1996, we have funded tens of thousands of deals for people who want money for thousands of reasons. We are not here to tell you how to spend your money, we just give you more ways to get it.